Top 3 Local Food Trends Take Fairfield County by Storm

Recent food trends have taken the internet by storm and created long lines in front of popular restaurants/cafes in not only large cities, but also Fairfield County. Our local restaurants and cafes are taking on trends and attracting people from near and far. From unique takes on Asian cuisine to sugar rushes from giant milkshakes, these trends have become accessible to us nearby.

Here are 3 local food trends you have to try!

  1. Cookie Dough | Cookie dough has become a huge trend. The egg-free recipes are served in cups and cones with sprinkles, different sauces, and whipped cream to top it off - just like ice cream! The trend, which gained popularity in New York is now available at our very own Stew Leonard’s at the ice cream stand outside! With locations in Danbury and Norwalk, Fairfield County folks are lined up to get their cookie dough the way they like and snap their pictures.

  2. Crazy Milkshakes | Massive milkshakes have taken the internet by storm. Also starting in New York City, the trend of these themed shakes has reached Bethel! Creme and Sugar Cafe in Bethel serves monstrous milkshakes with unique themes ranging from S’mores to Candy Crush.

  3. Ramen | No longer the “broke college student’s dinner”, Ramen has attracted worldwide attention. Ramen noodle restaurants are opening all over the country, including our Fairfield and SoNo! Mecha Noodle Bar is a modern take on noodles with three locations in Connecticut, bringing together many dishes from all over Asia. Their most popular dish, the Ramen, is completely customizable with so many toppings to choose from!

Head over to these local cafes and restaurants and see for yourself what the hype is about!


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