Why Small Businesses Matter in Wilton: Absolute Logic

Why Small Businesses Matter

Shop small, do big things for your community

Why Small Businesses Matter puts a spotlight on the local merchants who donate their time, talent, goods, and services for the betterment of our community. The shop local movement spreads virally as local businesses who are “tagged” have the opportunity to share their story.

You're IT Absolute Logic!

Three questions with Al Alper President of Absolute Logic.

Established in 1991, Absolute Logic was started with a mission to provide Fortune 500-style technical support and technology consulting to businesses with 100 or fewer employees. Absolute Logic is dedicated to making sure that your technology runs smoothly all of the time and why, today they service businesses in over 40 industries; bringing that same passion and expertise to businesses.

Finish this sentence in regard to your business. “I wish I could…”

I wish I could protect EVERY business! Unfortunately too many IT service providers don’t understand the threat-landscape or have complete visibility of the attack surface, leaving business woefully insecure. Worse yet are those who “self-manage” or “know someone”; they tend to rely on tradition protection that itself is insecure – see my latest blog here

What is your best selling product/service?

Our managed cybersecurity suite Absolute Security

How many people do you employ? Any youth or seniors from the community?

We have twelve employees. Eight are from the local area and we welcome interns each year from the community. 

Visit Absolute Logic online here.

Absolute Logic tags Wilton Dental Associates and Sanford Orthodontics!

HamletHub thanks Fairfield County Bank for making our Why Small Businesses Matter series possible!


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