Wilton Family YMCA Stage 3 Reopening Information

Mark your calendars! News from Wilton Family YMCA regarding Stage 3 Reopening!

October 12th 
  • New Mind Body Studio opens  
  • New Group X classes begin
  • New Virtual Group Fitness Exchange Program begins
October 14th 
  • Locker Rooms open. Due to CT State Reopening Guidelines, limited lockers will be available. Saunas and steam rooms will remain closed.
October 12-14th
  • 50 M Pool Bubble Up: To improve ventilation in the bubble, we have set our system to now use 100% outside air rather than recycling and reconditioning inside air as recommended by the CDC.
November 1st
  • Limited showers will open for member use in all locker rooms with new protocols.

For more information please visit our reopening guide webpage HERE 


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