Why Small Businesses Matter in Wilton (Reimagined): Elevation

Why Small Businesses Matter Reimagined

Small businesses matter - now more than ever. They are answering the call with innovation and determination like never before.

We hope you join us in supporting them by sharing their story far and wide and shopping local! We are thankful to Fairfield County Bank for their continued support and for making this series possible.

Step inside Elevation Studio Fitness!

* To celebrate Thanksgiving, Elevation is offering 3 donation-based classes to support The CT Foodbank. 

Four questions with Michelle Woodward, founder of Elevation.


What do you want the community to know? Are there ways for the community to help you and other local businesses to prosper?

Elevation Studio Fitness is a boutique studio that specializes in Private Personal Training, Small Group Fitness Classes ie: Total Body conditioning classes, Core Fitness classes, Yoga classes, and Spin Classes. We are located in Georgetown, a hamlet of Redding. We have been successful at providing our community with fitness and wellness offerings for 13 years. Due to COVID, we have moved our group fitness offerings to a virtual platform and continue to provide our one on one clients with in-studio time or virtual depending on the comfort level. The community has helped support us by trusting us and continuing to work with us.

Are you offering any new products or ways for customers to purchase your products or services that are popular during this crisis?

We welcome new clients and although we know how difficult it is during COVID to attract new people, we offer a first-time visit for “FREE”. We offer first-time participants a 10% discount on any modality they choose. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we are offering 3 donation-based classes to support The CT Foodbank. We want to give back! Thursday 9-10 am Spin, Friday 9:45-11:00 am Yoga, and Saturday 8-9 am Spin. Visit our website Elevationspintraintrx.com to sign up.

Are there certain individuals or organizations that supported you and your business through this trying time?

The biggest support has come from our clients! We have an extremely loyal following and are very blessed with the trust they have in us. We align ourselves with businesses like Ridgefield Bicycle, Susi Laura Massage to name a few. We support each other with cross-marketing, recommendations, and promotion ideas. Word of mouth is our strongest advertisement, even during COVID.

Please share the ways your business is adapting to keep your customers and employees safe in addition to the standard guidelines

We have adapted by keeping all group fitness classes virtual. The camaraderie and energy IN the studio are missed, however, we have camaraderie in a different way. Our participants expect a certain standard of expertise with challenging classes while having fun. The In-Studio clients follow the COVID guidelines before they enter the studio. Mask, temperature, wash/sanitize hands, and enter a designated room for their workout. The studio never has more than 4 people occupying the space at once. Very safe environment.

Elevation is located at 4 Old Mill Rd. in Georgetown (a hamlet of Redding) on the Wilton border.

Visit Elevation online here, and make sure to check out their Facebook page as well!

HamletHub thanks Fairfield County Bank for making our Why Small Businesses Matter series possible!


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