Wilton High School Stadium Track and Turf Remains Closed for Restoration

Wilton Parks and Recreation Department and First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice remind residents that WHS Stadium Track and Turf remains closed while restoration work continues.

Please do not access the track or the turf field until reopened.
The following is the status of the remaining work:
1. The need for an additional step in the cleaning process was identified, as a limited quantity of debris still remains within the north section of the field. That work begins tomorrow. The start had been scheduled for last Thursday, but was delayed due to rain. The field must be completely dry to perform the work.
2. Following completion of #1, the sand and coconut infill must be installed.
3. Following completion of #2, the entire turf field must be sanitized.
All of the above are multi-day processes.
1. Cleaning of the track is expected to be completed this week.
2. Cleaning of the drain between the track and the turf field may extend into next week.
On September 9th, we estimated cleanup and restoration might require up to four weeks. Unfortunately, that plus a bit more appears to be required as we work towards a targeted reopening by Columbus Day.
Thank you for your continued patience.


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