23 years of handmade in Wilton, congratulations Southern Yankee!

Another year of stitching for Wilton’s Southern Yankee!

Congratulations to Wilton resident and local business owner Jennifer Angerame on SouthernYankee's 23rd anniversary! Jennifer's dedication to her community and to her quality handmade products are exemplary!

With humble beginnings as a card business, operating out of a small apartment in NYC, SouthernYankee (SY) has become a way of life and a fashionable destination and has grown to include a robust monogramming business. And... a beautiful shop! You can find Southern Yankee at 237 Danbury Road.

“My little business has seen some changes over the years (so has the owner ) but SY is ready for 2022!  This year I’ll bring you lots of new ideas, but you will also see some fun redos of some original designs. Blame it all on my vintage fabric roots!” says Angerame. “Of course, I will remain your go-to monogramming shop as well,” she adds.

SouthernYankee is synonymous with community. Jennifer Angerame is a huge supporter of all things local and does all she can to make Wilton a great place to call home.

Congratulations, Jennifer! Here's looking at you, kid! 

Enjoy a short video of some SouthernYankee highlights and throwbacks!

Learn more about SouthernYankee here. 

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