Wilton Town Green Gazebo rededication ceremony on Friday

On Memorial Day in 1988, the Town Green Gazebo was gifted by the Rotary Club of Wilton to the Town. Since then, the Gazebo was been the gathering place for many members of our community both young and old. It is the centerpiece of the Town Green where several events are held each year. It is in a way - the heart and symbol of Wilton Center. 

34 years later, the Gazebo has been rebuilt and restored to its original glory by the Rotary Club so that many more generations can continue to gather and create memories at the Town Green.

This project is in honor of Henry “Bud” Boucher, one of the club’s founding members and a well-regarded Wilton citizen.

We invite the community to join in the celebration and rededication ceremony at the Town Green Gazebo on Friday, May 27th at 12:00 noon.


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