The Prospector is Popping and Sparkling at Eight!

Happy 8th Birthday to The Prospector in Ridgefield!

Time flies when you're changing the way the world views employment for adults with disabilities.

Since 2014, more than 280 Prospects have worked with pride and fortitude, 750,000+ hours of meaningful employment have been paid out in paychecks equally $15,000,000 and courageous, determined, talented adults have developed confidence in their vast abilities.

Val Jensen, the founder, and visionary of the Prospector Theater is proud to report that pairing Prospects with jobs that highlight their strengths and passions (what the Prospector deeps “sparkle”)  has had powerful impacts beyond the walls of the movie theater. In 2022, seven Prospects have moved into their own apartments! 

Jensen and her team including Executive Director Mike Santini have also had a huge amount of success spreading the Prospector’s mission by way of the theater’s handmade gourmet popcorn! Yes, popcorn! And, the flavors will make your tastebuds pop -  Belgian Chocolate Toffee, Maple Walnut Ice Cream and Birthday Cake (oh, my!)

Once we saw it popping off the shelves at the concessions stand, we knew that the popcorn nation needed this poptacular sensation. We expanded our operating procedures and began shipping to every kernel of the globe. 

The Prospector has packaged and shipped popcorn to every state in the United States with their mission popping in and on hot pink and black bag. You can check out the many delicious flavors and shop for your popcorn online here.

And with every morsel munched, we create more jobs for America’s most talented - yet underrepresented - population.

Follow Prospector Popcorn on Facebook here and TicTok @ProspectorPopcorn

Congratulations to Val, the Prospects, and all of the supporters near and far. We're so proud of what you've accomplished (and you've only just begun). 

The Prospector Theater needs your support! Please go to the Theater (25 Prospect Street, Ridgefield) and visit them online. Donate, buy gift cards, see a movie, enjoy some fancy popcorn, share stories and invest in SPARKLE.

Happy birthday, Prospector! 

*Image courtesy Prospector Facebook Page.



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