Wilton Letter: Strong Support for Kim Healy, CT State House of Representatives

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in strong support of Kim Healy for election to the CT State House of Representatives.

I first met Kim during a campaigning event when I ran for Wilton’s P&Z in Fall 2019. Immediately, I was impressed by her intelligence and enthusiasm for the community. Kim told me about all of her volunteer service, including her time as treasurer for the Wilton Library. Kim has also served on the Wilton Conservation Commission and is a strong proponent for a sustainable and healthy environment. From our first meeting, it was clear to me that someone like Kim could be a great advocate for others. Accordingly, it was of no surprise to me when she was elected last fall to Wilton’s Board of Selectmen.

With someone like Kim as our State Representative, our community would be in great hands. Kim has a robust background in public accounting and is focused on a pro-growth economy that wouldn’t overburden our community with taxes. In addition, Kim is committed to finding a collaborative solution to housing affordability.

Kim has my vote, and I hope she will have yours too.

Jill Warren

436 Danbury Road




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