Wilton residents can enroll in police RUOK free service

Are you OK? (RUOK)

Are you OK? is an expression of concern voiced by friends and relatives and it gives us peace of mind. We know we are not alone, when someone is looking out for our well-being. But who calls to ask "Are you OK?" when loved ones are not around?

RUOK is a free service offered by the Wilton Police Department where a daily phone call will be placed to check on your well being and safety. The RUOK service eases the concern of friends and relatives, who may find it difficult to maintain constant reliable contact.

How does it work?

Between the hours of 8 am and 10 am, you will receive a call from an automated system asking “Are you ok today?". If you answer ‘yes’, the system will know that there is no need for follow up contact.  If you do not answer the phone or if the line is busy, RUOK will call back a second time.  If there is still no answer, the Wilton Police Department will be notified.    

Who is eligible?

This free service is available to Wilton residents over the age of 60 or Wilton residents who are homebound or medically disabled (either on a permanent or long term basis regardless of age).

How do I enroll, change, or stop the RUOK service?

To enroll, change, or discontinue the RUOK service, contact Captain Thomas Conlan at the Wilton Police Department at (203) 834-6256.


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