Wave Drowning Detection System coming to Wilton Y

Wave Drowning Detection System coming to Wilton Y on May 1.

Even though our facility has dedicated and vigilant staff watching over the welfare of those in water, the risk of drowning is always present. To dramatically reduce that risk, we are introducing an innovative new technology designed to support the efforts of our aquatics staff.

How Wave Works

WAVE operates in the background while lifeguards watch over swimmers, just as they always do. The system monitors swimmers both Adults & Children in real time and accurately determines how long each swimmer’s face is fully submerged and therefore unable to breathe. If any swimmer has been underwater for dangerous period of time, WAVE immediately alerts the aquatic staff so they can investigate and quickly intervene if needed.

Each swimmer is provided with a wearable. They have a choice of either a comfortable headset called a Tracker, or a simple pair of clips that attach to most styles of goggles. Trackers are very easy and comfortable to wear. They’ve been tested them on 1000s of swimmers and most forget that they’re wearing them after just a few minutes.

WAVE wearables have no buttons, and automatically activate when worn. After use, swimmers simply return their wearables to the storage tower where they got them from.

Please visit wavedds.com/parents to learn more about WAVE.

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