Wilton Police Department releases Annual Report

The Wilton, CT Police Department is pleased to release its 2021 Annual Report.
The report highlights the outstanding work performed by our officers throughout the year, as well as identifies trends that help us do our job better.
Here is an excerpt of the report:
The investigation of motor vehicle-related incidents remains a large part of our officers’ day-to-day activities accounting for 38% of all calls for service in 2021. Despite returns to pre-pandemic traffic volumes, there were only 362 crashes on public highways reported in 2021. The amount is the second-lowest total of crashes in five years only behind 2020, a year notably marked by stay-at-home orders and overall less traffic volumes.
While many variables contributed to motor vehicle crashes, our officers’ 3,768 proactive traffic enforcement contacts during 2021 is certainly a variable that deserves attribution to the low total of recorded crashes. Fortunately, our community does not routinely experience high volumes of violent crimes. Nonetheless, our response to incidents of family violence remains prevalent as our officers investigated 39 such cases in 2021.
We remain committed to holding offenders accountable and leveraging our partnership with the Domestic Violence Crisis Center to keep victims safe.
Larceny and fraud-related offenses continued to make up the bulk of our criminal investigations, accounting for 77% of reported crimes against property in 2021. The most predominant offenses were theft from vehicles, stolen vehicles, identity theft, mail theft, shoplifting, and theft of motor vehicle parts. Consistent with crime trends throughout the State of Connecticut, thefts of motor vehicle parts saw a dramatic 1,100% year-over-year increase, mainly due to catalytic converter thefts.
The full report can be found here