Run Like a Mother Goes Virtual, Wilton Resident Tara Pagano Named Ambassador


A virtual 5k Run Like a Mother (RLAM) 5k will replace the popular physical race on Mother's Day, Sunday, May, 10, 2020.

"The decision to cancel our physical races was a painful one – these races are the cornerstone of our brand, exemplifying our mission: to encourage a healthy lifestyle through moving. But like so many brands across the globe, we prioritize your health, and the health of your loved ones, our staff, and our communities above all else," explains RLAM founder, Megan Searfoss.
The cost to participate is $19.99 and includes Run Like a Mother Tech Tee, Eco-Friendly Tote and 2020 Signature Finisher’s Medal. Register here.
"I am asking all of you to leverage the power of running to unite, empower and uplift women across the country in our virtual 5K," says Searfoss.
If you are already registered, you will be receiving information in the coming week on your registration options, including how to convert to the Virtual Race.
Searfoss says, "Let’s get busy and start training for Run Like a Mother 2020 Virtual 5K. We’ll run on our own, with our families cheering us on or running alongside! This situation can’t take running away from us and it definitely won’t take our Mother’s Day!"
You can register for RLAM virtual race and learn more about this empowering event here.
"Please join me this Mother’s Day as we celebrate women. Never has there been a better time to show our strength of mind, body and soul," Searfoss says.

Meet Wilton resident Tara Pagano, a 2020 RLAM Ambassador

This mother-of-four marketing and finance executive was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 29. Since then, she has been on a mission to live a healthy lifestyle. And she has done just that. After starting running five years ago, Tara has run approximately 150 races including 4 ultra-marathons, a Boston marathon ruck and many obstacle course races. According to Tara, “Racing has changed my life and my perspective - I truly believe that we as moms are so much stronger than we realize.” How does she do it?! We’ll find out.
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