Lantern Lighting Postponed to July 5

The Community Services Council of Woodbury will mark the conclusion of its fifth annual “Spread the Light” fundraising appeal with a star lantern display on town greens along Main Street in Woodbury throughout the day and evening on Sunday, July 5.

The display has been rescheduled from its previously planned date of July 4 due to the high probability of rain in the Fourth of July weather forecast.

CSCW volunteers will decorate trees on the North Green and Cannon Green, as well as the greens along Main Street near the Woodbury Post Office and the town office buildings. CSCW President Bob Taylor explained that the star lanterns, which will be illuminated for evening display, will represent the memorial and honorary dedications made by donors during the Spread the Light campaign. Donors’ inscriptions of dedications also are on view throughout July on paper stars displayed at the Woodbury Public Library. All donations during the “Spread the Light” appear support the Community Service Council’s emergency food, fuel and crisis assistance programs for low-income households residing in Woodbury.


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