Lyme Disease Talk at WPL

Naturopathic Physicians, Drs. Carolyn Graham, ND and Alice Bell, ND will discuss their participation in a study on Lyme Disease on Thursday, October 23 at 7 p.m. in the Library Gallery.

The two Naturopathic doctors are participating in a multi-center research study led by Dr Richard Horowitz, MD, of Hyde Park, New York, for Multi Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS) tick borne illness and Lyme disease. The doctors will talk about the study and its importance at the Woodbury Library on October 23, 2014 AT 7:00 p.m. Patients who are willing to participate will complete the Horowitz Lyme-MSIDS Questionnaire and have an IgeneX Laboratories Lyme Western Blot drawn. Dr Horowitz's study will match symptoms with blood test results from either IgeneX Laboratories or Milford Medical Laboratory. We invite the public to participate in the study.

Most chronic illnesses are complex, and have causes that are likely interrelated. Patients with chronic symptoms after classical treatment for Lyme disease have multifactoral causes for their illness. Horowitz calls this syndrome Lyme-MSIDS. MSIDS stands for Multiple Infectious Disease Syndrome, and represents sixteen potential overlapping medical problems contributing to persistent symptoms in the Lyme patients. By identifying all of patient symptoms, patients can assist providers in developing a set of differential diagnoses to better plan treatment, this being the goal of the study.

Graham and Bell, naturopathic physicians, have been diagnosing and treating patients with Lyme disease for more than five years. They work with other physicians to bring an integrative medical approach that focuses on the whole person and the myriad of symptoms that accompany Lyme disease, the Lyme co-infections, and tick-borne infections. The naturopaths use botanical medicine, nutritional therapy, and other supplements to complement treatment with antibiotics.

Richard Horowitz, a board-certified MD specializes in internal medicine. At his Hudson Valley healing Art Center in Hyde Park, New York, he has treated more than twelve thousand patients for tick-borne diseases over the past twenty-six years. He recently published a book, "Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme & Chronic Disease".


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