Keeping Kids Engaged this Summer

Woodbury parent Marchello Chacchia gives some insight on Bret Nichol's Basketball Camp, You Gotta Believe, which is being held here through Woodbury Parks and Recreation.

Summer is almost here. Are you and your children ready?

Being parents of a very active 10-year-old boy, my wife and I are glad there are options once school ends.

Last year our son participated in and loved Bret Nichols' 'You Gotta Believe Basketball Camp'. This summer, the camp is open to boys and girls entering grades 2-9. It provides them with a fun and healthy opportunity to learn and play the game of basketball with a bit of character development thrown in for good measure.

For over 13 years, Bret has worked with thousands of young people by running basketball camps and providing motivational presentations. Having played in college, Europe, and even on the team that played against the world-famous Harlem Globe Trotters, Coach Nichols knows basketball, and more importantly, he is able to convey character-building techniques through the activity. Coach Nichols tries to get his message across to each and every camper. He works on establishing values and setting goals while supplying positive reinforcement.

"I hope to make a difference in people through basketball by teaching a lot more than just basketball," he says. Bret and his team of assistants work closely with the kids, teaching them the fundamentals. "We try to get to know each camper and ensure they have a unique experience and that they create and develop friendships. We not only create better players but better people through basketball," Coach Nichols proclaims.

Bret works with assistants that he personally screens. "They are leaders in the community: teachers, coaches, and college players with the same vision. Camp wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for these awesome coaches".

But 'You Gotta Believe' offers more than just basketball camp. The author of three books, Bret also gives motivational presentations sharing words of encouragement and inspiration while supporting self-improvement. Dozens of communities throughout Connecticut have asked Bret to speak and work with their young residents. Currently, Bret's message is anti-drug and anti-alcohol with a focus on eliminating distraction and prioritizing what is important to you.

Coach Nichols leads over a dozen basketball camps this summer in towns from Danbury to Cheshire. The Woodbury camp is sponsored through Woodbury Parks & Recreation Department. You can register at here.

You can find out more about Bret Nichols' camps and motivational presentations on his website: www.yougottabelieve.info

We're ready. I know what our kid will be doing this summer.


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