Take A Minute To Back It Up!

There really is a day for everything! Today is World Backup Day and the organizers are asking those who participate to just to one simple thing: Back up your computer files.

Backing up is keeping (at least) a second copy of any of your important content so you still have it even if the first copy is destroyed or damaged.  Almost everybody has had experiences where they have lost digital data when a computer crashed, a cell phone or tablet was lost, data became corrupted or a virus destroyed data.

Seems like a good time to do that, with Spring in the air and folks thinking about spring cleaning.

Organizers of this world wide event pose the question -- "What would you do if you lost everything?" Data, that is.

Find out more about World Backup Day and read about the experiences and advice of real users here on their website. Check out their Facebook page here:   https://www.facebook.com/WorldBackupDay.


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