Help Save Animals This Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is here!

It's the perfect time to support the SPCA of Westchester's Mend a Friend Fund, and two very special animals who urgently need your help.

We are still short of meeting our $10,000 Giving Tuesday goal, which is why your gift today is crucial. We can help so many animals in need – including Pancakes and Wendy

 Your Giving Tuesday contribution to our Mend a Friend Fund helps senior dogs like Pancakes, who was found wandering alone in the cold and rushed into the SPCA, clearly in horrific pain. Pancakes shook and cried when the veterinary staff picked her up, which you can see in the video above, so we immediately sent her for X-rays. The results show that she’s suffering from enormous bladder stones that require surgery to remove. Sadly, this is likely the reason she was abandoned.
Your Giving Tuesday gift will also help dogs like Wendy, a two-year-old retriever we rescued from a high-kill shelter after she’d been hit by a car and left on the side of the road. This poor girl suffers from a fractured forearm, fractured hind leg and fractured hip … and due to the severity of her injuries, she will likely need hip surgery and further medical care to help her heal. It’s hard to imagine driving away and leaving a defenseless animal like Wendy to fend for herself, but it’s an unfortunate reality we see every day. 
Every year, we save thousands of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens from near-death situations … many of whom have been abused, neglected and, in some cases, slated for euthanasia in high-kill shelters. We’re able to save them thanks to your generous gifts toward our Mend a Friend Fund.

Your Giving Tuesday gift is so necessary and so appreciated. It will directly and immediately go to work to help orphaned, neglected and abused animals who are in dire need of care.

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