Space on Ryder Farm announces Alumni Archives.

SPACE on Ryder Farm is proud to announce the completion of our online Alumni Archive. At a glance, the Alumni Archive may look simple, but we hope this extensive database of over 1,400 residents from the past ten years allows both alumni and the larger SPACE community to connect in a meaningful way. So, go ahead and click around! You may see some familiar and friendly faces. You may reconnect with an old resident-mate. You may find someone new to follow on Instagram or Twitter!

The SPACE team, especially former Director of Artistic Programs John Baker, has long dreamt of publicly documenting every single alumnus of SPACE’s ten years of residency programs and in March, as the shutdown began, we saw an opportunity to move the Alumni Archive project to the forefront of our work in an effort to celebrate SPACE’s alumni in place of our typical programming and events. An extra special shout out goes to SPACE team members Dylan Pickus (Manager of Artistic Programs), Jazzy Davis (Digital Media Consultant) and Emily Suher (Communications Fellow) for their thorough and exhaustive work making the Alumni Archive a reality. Looking at the archive in its entirety, we are reminded that the heart and soul of SPACE continues to be our resident and alumni community, and we are so grateful to each and everyone who has touched the farm with their spirit, talent and generosity over the past ten years.


 And remember Alumni, it's not too late to be included! If your entry in the database is currently blank (or incorrect), email your updated information (headshot, where we can learn more about your work and how you would like to be listed) to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .