Rock n’ Rescue saves over 100 animals in one weekend

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Rock n’ Rescue saves over 100 animals in one weekend from shelter in Kentucky 

Many of these animals were saved from imminent euthanasia as the shelter was being overwhelmed by the sheer number of animals that were being turned in

Rock 'n’ Rescue of South Salem, NY proudly announces that it saved 101 animals this weekend. This included 83 cats, 4 dogs, 3 rabbits and 11 rats. The animals ranged in age from less than 2 months up to 13 years old. According to industry statistics over 3.1 million dogs and 3.2 million cats are admitted to shelters each year. Sadly, about 1.5 million of these wind up being euthanized. Rock n’ Rescue works to ensure they can save as many animals as possible.

The driver from the shelter left Kentucky on Friday. Veterinarians at the shelter microchip, vaccinate and fix most of the animals before they are placed on transport. Some are too small and will be spayed or neutered here.

In order to save the animals Rock n’ Rescue sent a driver to Allentown Pennsylvania on Saturday. The driver transported all 101 animals to South Salem. Between Saturday and Sunday 34 of the rescued animals were adopted. Of the remaining 67, 61 of them went to foster homes throughout the area for socialization and care. The other 6 have adoptions scheduled over the next few days. The animals in foster care will be adopted out over the next 4-6 weeks.

“We see firsthand how quickly a shelter can fill up and it’s heartbreaking. They are sweet and innocent little animals that no one gave a chance for life. We are just doing our part to rescue as many as we can, so we can rescue more people.” said Juli Cialone, Rock n’ Rescue’s executive director. “We work tirelessly to care for pets while they’re awaiting their forever home. We believe these animals help save their adopters as much as the adopters are saving them. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping families find their pets that will bring them happiness, comfort and joy for years to come.”

To learn more about Rock n’ Rescue, visit https://rnrpets.org. You can also find Rock n’ Rescue on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter . If you’d like to donate help spay/neuter and vaccinate the rest, you can donate here.

About Rock n’ Rescue

Rock N’ Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in South Salem, NY. Our mission is to rescue pets to rescue people. Our primary focus is to assist families looking for a pet that is not only happy and healthy, but a pet that can provide a therapeutic solution for emotional and physical ailments. Although we specialize in cats, we also custom search for dogs, guinea pigs and other pets for approved adopters. Live. Love. Rock. Adopt.


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