Tips and Tricks for Navigating in a Post COVID-19 World

The United States is rapidly starting to open back up again and we are not ready. As we are starting to return to a "New Normal" we are all a little shaken and not sure how to exist. Everything will be different! Schools, jobs, transportation, church and entertainment. You name it and it will have to be adjusted to comply with COVID-19 rules and regulations.

Join Cristina Spataro NYS licensed psychotherapist and Cindy Cowan Certified Essential Oils specialist as they guide you through the psychological techniques supplemented by the use of essential oils that can aid you in managing your anxiety, depression and overall stress during these chaotic times. Cristina, Cindy and Athenia have organized a 60 minute session full of learning, coping and laughing. We will be talking about what Cristina as a therapist has learned from her own professional experience and challenges of going out into the world after being home and restricted for 14 months. Cindy will then talk about different ways essential oils can be used to lower your anxiety as you start to brave the new outside world. Lastly, no event is ever complete without a game lead by Athenia Rodney asking questions to see how much of a COVID expert you really are. Loads of great content. 

Attending this event expect to walk away with tools you can use to start the process of Summer 2021 healing "Post COVID-19". 

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