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Representation of a

11 suspects facing state or federal charges

More than 100 weapons were seized and 11 persons were arrested this week following a six-month multi-agency investigation into “ghost guns” and other illegal firearms in Westchester and Putnam Counties.

Search warrants were executed Tuesday at eight locations in Westchester and Putnam by investigators from County, local and federal law enforcement agencies. Rifles, handguns, “ghost guns” and high-capacity drum magazines were seized. Some of the weapons lacked a serial number – making them so-called ghost guns – and other weapons had defaced serial numbers.

Several silencers, ballistic vests, counterfeit police shields and quantities of ammunition were also seized in the probe, dubbed Operation Casper by investigators. The high-capacity drum magazines that were seized are of a similar type to the one used in the murders of two New York City police officers last week.

“As we prepare to pay our final respects to Officer Jason Rivera tomorrow and his partner Officer Wilbert Mora next week, we are reminded of the dangers of illegal guns, not just in New York City,” County Executive George Latimer said. “This proactive, collaborative effort brings together law enforcement and prosecutorial leaders beyond Westchester to combat the distribution and purchase of illegal guns. It is our moral responsibility to work together to reduce the availability of these weapons and keep our communities safe.” 

Public Safety Commissioner Thomas A. Gleason thanked all the agencies with personnel assigned to the Real Time Crime center for their roles in the successsful investigation.

“Working collaboratively with our law enforcement partners is a critical way we keep Westchester safe,” Gleason said.

The investigation was launched in June 2021 when police departments in Westchester, along with the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, created a task force to address an influx of ghost guns and other illegal firearms into the Westchester County region.  Detectives in the multi-agency Real Time Crime Center (RTC) were tasked with finding innovative ways to reduce gun crimes and prevent violence.

These detectives were assisted by the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, New York City Police Department, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and the Rockland County DA’s office. Prosecutors from Westchester County District Attorney’s Office and the Southern District of New York provided guidance and case support as specific targets and locations were identified.

The following is a list of the persons arrested and the agency lodging the charges, which are felonies:

North Castle PD

Theodore Brois, 67, of 3 Tallwoods Road, North Castle.

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 1st Degree (Ten or More Weapons)

 Helene Brois, 61, of 3 Tallwoods Road, North Castle

-          Criminal Possession of a Firearm

Brandon Brois, 24, of 3 Tallwoods Road, North Castle 

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd Degree

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree


New Rochelle PD

Juan Sanchez, 28, of 81 Highland Avenue, New Rochelle

-          3 Counts Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd Degree- Loaded Firearm

-          3 Counts Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd Degree – Disguised Gun

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree

-          40 Counts Unlawful Possession Ammo Feed Device

-          4 Counts Criminal Possession Weapon 3rd Degree- Silencer  

Harrison PD

John Pittelli, 35, of 242 Freemont Street, Harrison.

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree- Ammo

-          Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 4th Degree- Hallucinogen


Westchester County PD

Christopher Canzone, 49, of 1700 Baptist Church Road, Yorktown

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 1st Degree- 10 or more Firearms

Yorktown PD

Rogers Singleton, 40, of 2191 Crompond Road, Yorktown.

-          Criminal Possession of a Firearm

-          Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 4th Degree

Putnam County Sheriff’s Department

Jacob Rockover, 22, of 170 Dykeman Road, Carmel

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree (assault rifle)

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree – ammo clip

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon (three or more)

-          Criminal Possession of a Firearm

David Goldberg, 24, of 90 Bullethole Road, Carmel

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 1st Degree (Ten or more)

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree (assault rifle)

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree (ammo clip)

-          Criminal Possession of a Firearm      

Andrew Lopez, 36, of 189 Fair St., Carmel

-          Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd Degree – Loaded Firearm

FBI Safe Streets Task Force/ Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

Adam DiMaggio, 43, of 92 Lincoln Drive, Carmel

-          Unlawful Possession or Receipt of a Firearm or Ammunition by a Prohibited Person (Federal Charge).


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Conned on social media? It’s not just you https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5730-conned-on-social-media-it-s-not-just-you5730-conned-on-social-media-it-s-not-just-you https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5730-conned-on-social-media-it-s-not-just-you5730-conned-on-social-media-it-s-not-just-you


In 2021, more than 95,000 people told the FTC that they’d been scammed with a con that started on social media. In fact, more than one in four people who reported to the FTC that they lost money to any scam said the transaction started with a post, an ad, or a message on a social media platform. And the losses amount to about $770 million.
Today’s Data Spotlight gives us insights into how scammers use social media to con people. Reports point to rampant investment, romance, and online shopping scams on social. People reported losing the most money to investment scams (particularly those involving bogus cryptocurrency investments) and romance scams. More than a third of the people who lost money to romance scams said it started on Facebook or Instagram.
The largest number of reports came from people who lost money trying to buy something they saw marketed on social media. Most said they didn’t get the stuff they paid for, while some reported ads that impersonated a real online retailer. Reports of social media fraud increased for all age groups in 2021, but people 18 to 39 were more than twice as likely to report losing money than older adults.
Scammers trying to get your money are always looking for new ways to reach people. And they’ll use whatever they know about you to target their pitch. Here are some things to do to protect yourself, no matter which social media platform you use:
  • Try to limit who can see your posts and information on social media. Of course, all platforms collect information about you from your activities on social media, but visit your privacy settings to set some restrictions.
  • Check if you can opt out of targeted advertising. Some platforms let you do that.
  • If you see urgent messages from a “friend” asking for money, stop. It could be a hacker behind that post pretending to be your friend.
  • Check out a company before you buy. Read Shopping Online for advice.
  • Don’t deal with a vendor that requires payment by cryptocurrency, gift card, or wire transfer. That’s sure to be a scam.
If you see or experience scam on social media, report it to ReportFraud.ftc.gov.
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Connor Koelsch Earns Faculty Honors at Georgia Tech for the Fall 2021 Semester https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5729-connor-koelsch-earns-faculty-honors-at-georgia-tech-for-the-fall-2021-semester5729-connor-koelsch-earns-faculty-honors-at-georgia-tech-for-the-fall-2021-semester https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5729-connor-koelsch-earns-faculty-honors-at-georgia-tech-for-the-fall-2021-semester5729-connor-koelsch-earns-faculty-honors-at-georgia-tech-for-the-fall-2021-semester

Connor Koelsch of Yorktown, NY, earned the distinction of Faculty Honors for Fall 2021 at the Georgia Institute of Technology. This designation is awarded to undergraduate students who have earned a 4.0 academic average for the semester.

The Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, is a top 10 public research university developing leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition.

The Institute offers business, computing, design, engineering, liberal arts, and sciences degrees. Its nearly 40,000 students, representing 50 states and 149 countries, study at the main campus in Atlanta, at campuses in France and China, and through distance and online learning.

As a leading technological university, Georgia Tech is an engine of economic development for Georgia, the Southeast, and the nation, conducting more than $1 billion in research annually for government, industry, and society.

For more information, visit gatech.edu.

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Maloney Invites Hudson Valley Residents to Participate in His 8th Annual Valentines for Veterans Program https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5728-maloney-invites-hudson-valley-residents-to-participate-in-his-8th-annual-valentines-for-veterans-program5728-maloney-invites-hudson-valley-residents-to-participate-in-his-8th-annual-valentines-for-veterans-program https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5728-maloney-invites-hudson-valley-residents-to-participate-in-his-8th-annual-valentines-for-veterans-program5728-maloney-invites-hudson-valley-residents-to-participate-in-his-8th-annual-valentines-for-veterans-program

To honor our veterans’ service and sacrifice, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) has announced his eighth annual “Valentines for Veterans” initiative, encouraging his neighbors throughout the Hudson Valley to join him in making Valentine’s Day cards to send to our veterans. Rep. Maloney’s Valentines for Veterans program provides schools, families, individuals, and businesses in the Hudson Valley with the opportunity to send Valentine’s Day greetings to our veterans. The cards will be hand-delivered to veterans at the VA Hudson Valley Health Care Facility at Castle Point.

“America’s veterans deserve our undying gratitude for their service. Valentines are a small, but meaningful way for us to show veterans our thanks, said Rep. Maloney. “Every year, our Valentines for Vets program has brought a lot of joy to folks at Castle Point, and I hope you’ll help us do the same again this year. I encourage everyone in the Hudson Valley to pitch in for our vets for this Valentine’s Day.”

Interested participants should contact Rep. Maloney’s office at (845) 561-1259. Valentines may be mailed to or dropped off at his Newburgh District Office by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, February 9th.

Click here for the invitation. 


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Employers: Would you like to receive $5,000 - $26,000 per employee back from the Federal Government? https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5727-employers-would-you-like-to-receive-5-000-26-000-per-employee-back-from-the-federal-government5727-employers-would-you-like-to-receive-5-000-26-000-per-employee-back-from-the-federal-government https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5727-employers-would-you-like-to-receive-5-000-26-000-per-employee-back-from-the-federal-government5727-employers-would-you-like-to-receive-5-000-26-000-per-employee-back-from-the-federal-government

Employers: Would you like to receive $5,000 - $26,000 per employee back from the Federal Government?

Join us on Zoom!
Join the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce on
Thursday February 3, 2022, at 12 noon
 hosted by
Michael Yates, Bottom Line Concepts

The Employee Retention Credit Program is open to all companies between 3 and 500 employees.

Bottom Line Concepts, a consulting firm, is assisting companies between 3 and 500 employees with the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Program.

Your business could be getting up to $26,000 per employee in Employee Retention Credits (ERC), even if you received PPP loans. Their experts will help you maximize the money you will get from this Federal Government Program in the quickest time possible!

With Bottom Line Concepts, you’re a valued client. Their professionals will:

• Determine whether your business qualifies for the ERC Program

• Calculate the maximum amount you can receive

• Guide you through the claiming process, from beginning to end

To learn more about the ERC Program please visit their website: GovernmentAid.com


Once you register you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to join the Zoom meeting.

Please contact Michael Yates - myates@bottomlinesavings.com or

646-208-8798 with any questions.

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NY State Parks, Historic Sites featured as part of the new PBS season of @TravelswithDarley https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/places/5726-ny-state-parks-historic-sites-featured-as-part-of-the-new-pbs-season-of-travelswithdarley5726-ny-state-parks-historic-sites-featured-as-part-of-the-new-pbs-season-of-travelswithdarley https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/places/5726-ny-state-parks-historic-sites-featured-as-part-of-the-new-pbs-season-of-travelswithdarley5726-ny-state-parks-historic-sites-featured-as-part-of-the-new-pbs-season-of-travelswithdarley

Don't miss this! Several NY state parks and historic sites are featured as part of the new season of @TravelswithDarley in the “New York’s Empire State Trail” episode! Check your local PBS listings for dates and times and watch video previews here: https://darley.link/pbs-new-season.

Travel along New York’s Empire State Trail, which stretches from New York City to the Canadian Border with host Darley Newman in this new episode of the “Travels with Darley” series on PBS and Ovation TV’s Journy. Hike and bike the trail, stopping in small towns and big cities for craft beer, local arts and culture.

Visit Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Schuylerville, Buffalo and the Hudson Valley. Explore Erie Canal history. Take an underground boat ride by the Flight of Five Locks and have ice cream in Lockport. Learn about Rochester Accessible Adventures, an organization headed by Anita O’Brien, that’s helping people with disabilities get outside and enjoy area trails in Fairport. Meet former rock n roller Tommy Brunett, the touring guitar player for 80’s band Modern English, and watch Darley taste Bourbon Whiskey straight from the barrel at his Iron Smoke Distillery. Try craft beer at Faircraft Brewhaus and Seven Storey Brewing. Meet the organizer for Mural Mania in Newark and see where art and history intersect for this non-profit helping Veterans and the area community.

Go cycling through the the Champlain Valley through Schuylerville and Hudson Crossing Park. In the beautiful Hudson Valley, take a walk on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail outside of Kingston and on Rosendale Trestle and visit the bridge from the movie A Quiet Place; and New Paltz’s Historic Huguenot St. Walk on the Empire State Trail at Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park, the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world.


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Bryant University congratulates December graduate Kyle McHale of Yorktown Heights, NY https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5725-bryant-university-congratulates-december-graduate-kyle-mchale-of-yorktown-heights-ny5725-bryant-university-congratulates-december-graduate-kyle-mchale-of-yorktown-heights-ny https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5725-bryant-university-congratulates-december-graduate-kyle-mchale-of-yorktown-heights-ny5725-bryant-university-congratulates-december-graduate-kyle-mchale-of-yorktown-heights-ny

Bryant University in Smithfield, RI

Bryant University is pleased to recognize the students who have completed their undergraduate studies to earn a Bryant University degree, one which has more value now than at any time in Bryant's history.

Kyle McHale of Yorktown Heights, NY, graduated from Bryant University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Global Supply Chain Management.

McHale joins a powerful network of more than 50,000 alumni who are inspired to excel and have distinguished themselves as leaders in their organizations and communities around the world.

About Bryant University

For 159 years, Bryant University has been at the forefront of delivering an exceptional education that anticipates the future and prepares students to be innovative leaders of character in a changing world. Bryant delivers an innovative and uniquely integrated business and liberal arts education that inspires students to excel. With approximately 3,700 graduate and undergraduate students from 38 states and 49 countries, Bryant is recognized as a leader in international education and regularly receives top rankings from U.S. News and World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, and Barron's. Visit www.Bryant.edu.

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More than 6,800 University of Rhode Island students named to Fall 2021 Dean's List https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5724-more-than-6-800-university-of-rhode-island-students-named-to-fall-2021-dean-s-list5724-more-than-6-800-university-of-rhode-island-students-named-to-fall-2021-dean-s-list https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5724-more-than-6-800-university-of-rhode-island-students-named-to-fall-2021-dean-s-list5724-more-than-6-800-university-of-rhode-island-students-named-to-fall-2021-dean-s-list


The University of Rhode Island is pleased to announce the Fall 2021 Dean's List. Students named to the Dean's List represent nearly all of Rhode Island's cities and towns, all six New England states, New York and New Jersey, and many other states and countries.

To be included on the Dean's List, full-time students must have completed 12 or more credits for letter grades which are GPA applicable during a semester and achieved at least a 3.30 quality point average. Part-time students qualify with the accumulation of 12 or more credits for letter grades which are GPA applicable earning at least a 3.30 quality point average.

To view the entire Dean's List, visit: uri.edu/academics/deans-list/

Jess Devlin of Yorktown Heights

AJ Knopf of Yorktown Heights

Nina Resko of Yorktown Heights

Caitlin Spor of Yorktown Heights

Sarai Stone of Yorktown Heights


About the University of Rhode Island

Founded in 1892, the University of Rhode Island is the principal public flagship research and graduate institution in Rhode Island. Competitive and highly regarded, its 14,300 undergraduate students and more than 2,700 graduate students represent 48 states and 76 countries across the globe. With 203 academic programs, URI offers its undergraduate, graduate, and professional students distinctive educational opportunities designed to meet the global challenges of today's world and the rapidly evolving needs of tomorrow. At URI, you will find some of today's leading innovators, discoverers, and creative problem solvers. To learn more, visit: uri.edu.


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Second NYPD Officer succumbs to injuries sustained in last weeks shooting https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5723-second-nypd-officer-succumbs-to-injuries-sustained-in-last-weeks-shooting5723-second-nypd-officer-succumbs-to-injuries-sustained-in-last-weeks-shooting https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5723-second-nypd-officer-succumbs-to-injuries-sustained-in-last-weeks-shooting5723-second-nypd-officer-succumbs-to-injuries-sustained-in-last-weeks-shooting

Wilbert Mora, the New York City police officer injured in a shooting in which his partner Jason Rivera was killed last week, passed away from his injuries earlier this afternoon, NYC officials said.

"It’s with great sadness I announce the passing of Police Officer Wilbert Mora," NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said in a statement.

"Wilbert is 3 times a hero. For choosing a life of service. For sacrificing his life to protect others. For giving life even in death through organ donation. Our heads are bowed & our hearts are heavy."

Mayor Eric Adams also paid tribute to the fallen officer.

"Wilbert Mora was a hero," Adams, who is also a former former police officer, said in a statement. "He served his city, protected his community and gave his life for our safety. Our hearts are heavy. Our city is in mourning. To his family, loved ones, and brothers and sisters in the NYPD: Your city is standing with you today and always."

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Rhinebeck Man Charged With Murder! https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/neighbors/5721-rhinebeck-man-charged-with-murder5721-rhinebeck-man-charged-with-murder https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/neighbors/5721-rhinebeck-man-charged-with-murder5721-rhinebeck-man-charged-with-murder

Rhinebeck, New York – On January 22, 2022, at approximately 12:24 p.m. the New York State Police were dispatched for an emergency medical response to a residence on Mill Road in the town of Rhinebeck.

Responding State Police members found Danielle C. DiStefano, age 35, in her residence deceased.  Initial investigation found evidence of suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

Continued investigation led to the arrest of William H. Dicke, age 42, of Rhinebeck, for Murder in the 2nd degree, a class A-I felony.

Dicke was arraigned before the town of Milan Court and remanded to the Dutchess County Jail by the Honorable Judge Mattson without bail.

This investigation remains ongoing and will be updated as new information becomes available.

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Celise Sesanker Shaw Earns Degree from University of Maryland Global Campus https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5722-celise-sesanker-shaw-earns-degree-from-university-of-maryland-global-campus5722-celise-sesanker-shaw-earns-degree-from-university-of-maryland-global-campus https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5722-celise-sesanker-shaw-earns-degree-from-university-of-maryland-global-campus5722-celise-sesanker-shaw-earns-degree-from-university-of-maryland-global-campus

Celise Sesanker Shaw of Yorktown Heights earned a Master of Science in Management from University of Maryland Global Campus. More than 8,000 students from all 50 states, four U.S. territories, and 26 countries earned UMGC degrees worldwide in fall 2021.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, University of Maryland Global Campus is a world leader in innovative educational models, with award-winning online programs in disciplines including biotechnology, cybersecurity, data analytics, and information technology that are in high demand in today's increasingly technical, global workplace.

With an enrollment of some 90,000 students, UMGC offers open access with a global footprint and a specific mission-to meet the learning needs of students whose responsibilities may include jobs, family, and military service. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs, as well as doctoral programs.


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Online retailer, Fashion Nova, gets a dressing down for hiding negative reviews https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/publicsafety/5720-online-retailer-fashion-nova-gets-a-dressing-down-for-hiding-negative-reviews5720-online-retailer-fashion-nova-gets-a-dressing-down-for-hiding-negative-reviews https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/publicsafety/5720-online-retailer-fashion-nova-gets-a-dressing-down-for-hiding-negative-reviews5720-online-retailer-fashion-nova-gets-a-dressing-down-for-hiding-negative-reviews

Shopping for clothes online can be fun and convenient, but it lacks the in-person experience of trying them on, touching the fabrics, and checking for quality. That’s why so many online shoppers turn to honest customer reviews for help. But when an online retailer cherry picks only the positive reviews for posting, the result is anything but honest.

If a company suggests that the reviews on its website reflect the views of all buyers who submitted reviews, it’s against the law for the company to NOT post negative reviews. According to the FTC, online retailer Fashion Nova did just that. The FTC says that Fashion Nova broke the law when it failed to post hundreds of thousands of negative reviews that people submitted.

What does this mean for you and other online fashionistas? Well, for one thing, Fashion Nova must not make any further misrepresentations about customer reviews or other endorsements.

Here are some things to consider the next time you’re using online reviews to buy clothing – or anything else:

  • Think about the source of the reviews you’re reading. What do you know about the reviewers – or the site they’ve posted on – that makes them trustworthy?
  • Compare reviews from a variety of well-known sources, not just the seller’s site.
  • Start with websites recognized for having credible and impartial expert reviews.

For more information, see Online Shopping and How To Evaluate Online Reviews.

commandercarey@gmail.com (Colleen Tressler Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC) Public safety Tue, 25 Jan 2022 09:37:12 -0500
Maloney Celebrates Lead Pipe Removal and Clean Water Funding Coming to the Hudson Valley https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/politics/5719-maloney-celebrates-lead-pipe-removal-and-clean-water-funding-coming-to-the-hudson-valley5719-maloney-celebrates-lead-pipe-removal-and-clean-water-funding-coming-to-the-hudson-valley https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/politics/5719-maloney-celebrates-lead-pipe-removal-and-clean-water-funding-coming-to-the-hudson-valley5719-maloney-celebrates-lead-pipe-removal-and-clean-water-funding-coming-to-the-hudson-valley

Today, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) joined Hudson Valley local leaders to celebrate investments in lead pipe removal, clean water, and cleanup of PFAS contaminants coming to the Hudson Valley thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Rep. Maloney was instrumental in delivering these funds for the Hudson Valley – he voted for the transformative legislation and helped draft portions of the law as a member of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. 

“Families across the Hudson Valley can sleep a lot easier at night knowing help is on the way to ensure our drinking water is clean. Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, we will replace all lead water pipes, clean up polluted superfund sites, and remove contaminants like PFAS from our environment,” said Rep. Maloney. “I am proud to have voted for and helped draft this critical legislation which will deliver a historic investment in our water infrastructure, including $400 million for New York just this year.”

Rep. Maloney was joined by local leaders and advocates. Among those who spoke or stood in support were: 

  • Mayor Torrance Harvey
  • Senator James Skoufis
  • Wayne Vradenburgh, Water Superintendent, Newburgh
  • Ramona Monteverde, Newburgh City Council Ward 2
  • Giselle Martinez, Newburgh City Council Ward 1

Partial footage from the event, featuring remarks by all speakers, can be found here and may be used for publication. See below for quotes from those leaders and highlights from remarks:

“Thank you Congressman Maloney[.] I just want to say thank you, and I mean that because lead line replacement is something that has been a high priority on our list here locally in the city of Newburgh,” said Mayor Torrance Harvey. “We know the science. We know the science is there, the research is there on the horrible effects of lead exposure particularly in drinking water.” 

“This funding helps frontline residents and customers. Infrastructure wise, you’ve seen water mains break across the state. We took a section of water main out a couple weeks ago and stamped on the side of that water main was 1887. That water main has been in service since 1887. So, with our federal partners and state partners, you know with this infrastructure, it’s a good day for the drinking water industry,” said Wayne Vradenburgh, Newburgh Water Superintendent.

“If you want healthy families, get clean water. You want economic development and business to come to Newburgh, you better have clean water,” said State Senator James Skoufis. “This is a game changer thanks to Congressman Maloney and his colleagues who supported this funding and I look forward to working with him and everyone who is here […] to make sure our constituents see this funding and we get rid of lead once in for all in all our pipes.”

“I just want to say thank you Congressman Maloney for this. I mean this is going to be, as Senator Skoufis said, a gamechanger for the city of Newburgh and for our residents,” said Ramona Monteverde, Newburgh City Council Representative Ward 2. “This affects families […] You know, our children who are going to school. There are so many awful health effects that affect our kids and also our elderly and our young people. So thank you again, this is going to be fantastic for the city of Newburgh.”

“We are taking action. We are going to make sure that our community is safe. And thank you, we wouldn’t be able to do this without you,” said Giselle Martinez, Newburgh City Council Representative Ward 1.

Background on the Funding for Clean Water Investments from the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act:

  • Across America up to 10 million American households and 400,000 schools and child care centers lack safe drinking water.  
  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act will invest $55 billion to expand access to clean drinking water for households, businesses, schools, and child care centers all across the country. 
  • Nationally, those funds include:
  • $21 billion to clean up superfund and other polluted sites. 
  • Nearly $25 billion dollars going to state funds for clean water and drinking water  
  • $15 billion of direct funding for lead service line replacements at EPA through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund 
  • $5 billion to address emerging contaminants 
  • In 2022, New York will receive over $400 million dollars in funding to improve water quality. Additional funds will be allocated to New York annually for the next five years through the EPA. That $400 million includes:
  • $115 million for lead service line replacement 
  • over $40 million for addressing contaminants like PFAS
  • These funds will be allocated by New York State, which is currently in the process of mapping lead service lines and implementing plans for the funding.
  • Lead Pipes Background:
  • Lead services lines refer to the water pipe that goes from a house or apartment building to the main water line. They are not inherently dangerous, but if the lining of the pipe corrodes, the lead can become exposed. If the lead becomes exposed, the water going into a house can become contaminated.  
  • You cannot see, taste, or smell lead in drinking water. If local residents are concerned about their water pipes they should:  
  • Ask their water provider if they have a lead service line providing water to their home.  
  • Ask to have their water tested. 
  • Lead exposure is most harmful to children, where lower levels can affect them more.  
  • Exposure to lead can seriously harm a child’s health and cause well-documented adverse effects such as damage to the brain and nervous system, slowed growth and development, learning and behavior problems, and/or hearing and speech problems. 
  • This can lead to, lower IQ, decreased ability to pay attention, and underperformance in school. 
  • In Newburgh, there are potentially 2,900 lead service pipes still remaining underground, after the city has replaced 95 lead service pipes with a grant from the state for $795,000. 
  • PFAS Background:
  • An estimated 19 million Americans have PFAS toxins in their water which don’t break down over time and can lead to serious health effects including cancer, premature death, asthma, and infertility.  
  • Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to address emerging contaminants like PFAS will be distributed through the EPA’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) and the Drinking Water SRF in 2022. 
  • New York will get an estimated: 
  • $30,793,000 in 2022 for the Drinking Water SRF for addressing emerging contaminants. These funds can be used to remediate PFAS in drinking water.
  • $10,403,000 in 2022 for the Clean Water SRF for addressing emerging contaminants.
  • Additional information regarding clean water funding can be found on the EPA’s website here and information on the 2022 allocation for New York can be found here.
  • Questions regarding lead pipes or water quality in specific localities should be directed to local water departments. Questions regarding timeline for local allocations should be directed to NY State Department of Health.
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Muhlenberg College Announces Students Named to Fall 2021 Dean's List https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5718-muhlenberg-college-announces-students-named-to-fall-2021-dean-s-list5718-muhlenberg-college-announces-students-named-to-fall-2021-dean-s-list https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/life/5718-muhlenberg-college-announces-students-named-to-fall-2021-dean-s-list5718-muhlenberg-college-announces-students-named-to-fall-2021-dean-s-list

Congratulations to these local students for being named to the Muhlenberg College Dean's List for the Fall 2021 semester:

Samantha Miley of Yorktown Heights

Matthew Regan of Yorktown Heights

Reed Thompson of Yorktown Heights

Muhlenberg College students and Muhlenberg College School of Continuing Studies students with a term GPA of 3.50 or higher were recognized for this academic achievement.

Founded in 1848, Muhlenberg is a highly selective, private, four-year residential, liberal arts college offering baccalaureate and graduate programs. With an enrollment of approximately 2,200 students, Muhlenberg College is dedicated to shaping creative, compassionate, collaborative leaders through rigorous academic programs in the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences; selected preprofessional programs, including accounting, business, education and public health; and progressive workforce-focused post-baccalaureate certificates and master's degrees. Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, approximately 90 miles west of New York City, Muhlenberg is a member of the Centennial Conference, competing in 22 varsity sports. Muhlenberg is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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January 24: County Executive George Latimer Gives Virtual Westchester Weekly Update https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/politics/5717-january-24-county-executive-george-latimer-gives-virtual-westchester-weekly-update5717-january-24-county-executive-george-latimer-gives-virtual-westchester-weekly-update https://news.hamlethub.com/yorktown/politics/5717-january-24-county-executive-george-latimer-gives-virtual-westchester-weekly-update5717-january-24-county-executive-george-latimer-gives-virtual-westchester-weekly-update

Rebuilding Westchester for a More Resilient Future: Latimer Outlines Infrastructure Resiliency Project in Ossinin

Following through on his pledge to put forth projects aimed at creating a more storm resilient Westchester, especially in light of recent catastrophic weather events, County Executive George Latimer is announcing that work on a $4.2M Capital Project to replace a Twin Feeder Aerial Cable at Ossining’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is underway. This project will raise electrical transformers for enhanced flood mitigation at the plant.

Latimer said: “Westchester County has seen an ever growing increase in ‘once in a hundred year’ storms that severely impact residents’ lives and many vital municipal operations. To combat these climate change based threats, we are undertaking key storm resiliency infrastructure projects. Projects which also create jobs for Westchester’s growing population and economy.”

The County of Westchester’s Department of Environmental Facilities is responsible for the operations of infrastructure and facilities to address the management of water, wastewater, materials recycling, and disposal, as well as other related environment services. The Wastewater and Water divisions are responsible for the operation of seven water resource recovery facilities and their auxiliaries, and two water districts.

The County’s treatment plants range in size and treat anywhere from approximately 3 million gallons to 110 million gallons of wastewater per day.  The storm-hardening of these facilities, like that which is accomplished in this capital project, allow the plants continued operation in the face of a changing climate and extreme weather events.

DEF Commissioner Vincent Kopicki said: “Building the storm resiliency of our facilities is a key goal of the Latimer Administration and a main priority of our Department. The benefits of these projects will be felt by Westchester residents in both the short and long term.”

The Ossining plant is sited on four acres in the City of Ossining along the Hudson River next to Sing-Sing Prison. The facility treats the wastewater from the Towns of Mount Pleasant and Ossining and the Villages of Briarcliff Manor, Croton-on¬ Hudson, and Ossining. The wastewater is transported through local sewers and 6 miles of county owned trunk sewers and 10 county owned pumping stations to the plant, which was designed to treat an average daily flow of 7.0 Million Gallons per Day (MGD), but has a hydraulic capacity of 26.0 MGD. In 2021 the average flow was 4.3 MGD.

Westchester County Covid-19 Dashboard can be viewed here: https://arcg.is/10naWv0

Mobile Friendly Version of Westchester County Covid-19 Dashboard can be viewed here: https://arcg.is/qHDS9

Jan 24: CE George Latimer Gives Westchester Weekly...

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