Yorktown Chamber The President’s Column August 2020

Yorktown Chamber of Commerce President's Column as published in the August 2020 Newsletter on August 3, 2020

July 2020 has proven to be a very interesting time in our country’s history.

Although many businesses have been proudly able to open their doors, we have persevered through a unique reopening experience and this Chamber proudly continues to lead from the front. In fact, and just the other day a momentous occasion was had right out in front of Town Hall whereby the current elected officials announced a marketing campaign like none other.

The marketing campaign spearheaded by Thompson & Bender is unique that it seeks to attract people and businesses from the downstate areas to Yorktown. The timing is spectacular because it coincides with another unprecedented event, that of an exodus from more heavily populated downstate areas especially crowded areas like Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and of course The Bronx.

The Yorktown Chamber has played a significant role in what is now called “Destination Y” and we will continue to serve this town with passion and resolve. I cannot think of a better place to relocate your home or business than Yorktown and the “Destination Y” campaign echoes that sentiment.

This Campaign coupled with the most significant business centric legislation ever passed in Yorktown will formulate a perfect marriage of marketing and business friendly policies. I am referring to the Overlay District initiatives set forth, once again, by a very proactive town board. These overlay districts will allow our town officials to craft and mold our downtown areas, they will also allow Yorktown to have “shovel ready” projects prepared and lying in wait for the would-be developer. Of course, this town board is also very aware of the preservation aspect and have always proceeded with caution.

These two grand initiatives will put Yorktown back on the map and will clear a cautious and appropriate path for smart development which will raise our commercial tax base and establish Yorktown as a truly business friendly place who is “#Open for Business!”

Next, we have begun the planning of our Yorktown Festival & Street Fair. At the Chamber we are aware of the current COVID related mandates. This Fair will be different than our previous 11 but will be safe and fun as we take appropriate actions to ensure the safety for all. This Street Fair is still in planning and we are offering refunds to all vendors if the Street Fair is cancelled due to Covid19 related issues so please call our office at 914-245-4599 and sign up as a vendor today!

We have also had several grand openings as of late. I am happy to say that Yorktown is thriving despite the many Covid19 related setbacks. We are a strong town and a strong people. As such I would like to welcome our new members: UBS Wealth Management Americas, All Cohen, The Mailbox Store of Westchester, Raze Services, Discover Sunmark, Peter Pratt’s Inn, Jewel of Himalaya Restaurant, Northeast Dental, Yorktown Before and After.

The Yorktown Chamber of Commerce is here to help, promote and watch your business and this town succeed and prosper. As your premier business advocates, we stand ready, consider joining today!

As always, stay safe and be well!

Sergio Esposito, President

Yorktown Chamber of Commerce
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 632 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Phone: (914) 245-4599

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