Byrne Responds to Assembly Judiciary Report Findings on Former Gov. Cuomo Accusations

 The following is a press release from the Office of NY State Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (94th District). The view(s) expressed are not necessarily the views of HamletHub, its affiliates, or staff.


The release of the Assembly’s Impeachment Report was long-overdue. While I appreciate the hard work by many of our Assembly colleagues on the Judiciary Committee for their efforts in this investigation, the failure of the process not having been done expeditiously as an ethically compromised and corrupt governor continued to govern highlights how flawed the impeachment process is in New York. No one should have to wait eight months for the release of a roughly 45-page document to confirm what many of us have been saying already and which was already confirmed through public reports.

Still, what this report did do was show families who lost loved ones from contracting the virus in nursing homes and women who were wronged by this governor and his administration that someone in their state government was listening to them. While the report failed to do a full assessment or review of the controversial and deadly March 25 mandate, it suggested that it accepted the state Department of Health’s conclusion that primary spread was from staff and visitors. It did not weigh in on whether the mandate made a bad situation worse despite a statistical review conducted by the Empire Center supporting what many of us already knew to be true.

While this report did not provide full accountability, it did make clear what many of us have known, that the former governor’s actions and behavior were wrong and self-serving. The report exposed the cover-up of COVID related deaths in nursing homes and detailed how the Cuomo administration lacked transparency, drawing a straight line to the former governor’s $5 million book deal.

The corruption and subsequent downfall of former Gov. Cuomo has sparked many breaking stories with twists and turns. The people of New York are exhausted by it and many of the people who were wronged need peace. Again, while this report does not provide full accountability, it’s more than most people ever thought we’d ever get. I hope this helps families and others who were wronged get the peace they deserve. Had Andrew Cuomo not resigned, it’s clear the findings from this report would be grounds for impeachment on multiple levels. In the end, Andrew Cuomo is no longer governor and the people of New York are better off.