On the Children's Shelf: Autumn Bookish Confession

While I love something about every season, October is my month. It's my favorite. The first cool night when I grab an extra sweater and scarf, the smell of fallen leaves, picking the perfect pumpkin, eating my weight in Halloween candy...I love it all.

We are in full fall mode at my house, and I'm soaking up every moment of it. So I wanted a book that screamed fall, which leads to my bookish confession...I'm rereading Harry Potter. I know it was just a few years ago that I shared here that I was reading Harry Potter for the first time. Since then I've reread a few of the books, and yet I dove back in again.

While we see other holidays in Harry Potter and other seasons, Harry Potter embraces autumn...the magic, the witches and wizards, the potions, wands, ghosts, owls, the great hall on Halloween...okay, seriously, the great hall on Halloween is my Halloween decorating inspriation. So while I savor this season, I'm going to embrace it in both my actual physical world and escape to more of it in books.

Which leads to my questions...what are your favorite books that embrace autumn? While I will continue to enjoy Harry Potter through this season, I want to add some new books too!


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