New York Businesses Get Connected at National Master Networks Conference in Texas

Twelve local business professionals from Westchester, Putnam, and Manhattan, traveled to Plano, TX for the National Master Networks Conference, Connect 2019.  Connect 2019 is an annual national conference held at the end of April where business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the U.S. gathered to connect, share, and prosper.

Over 270 attendees, coming from 13 states, were offered a variety of breakout sessions on business topics such as networking skills, leveraging Google’s free services, book writing, marketing, delegation, health, and customer relations.

“The speakers provided a wealth of information that allowed our members the opportunity to educate themselves on tools to improve their businesses,” stated NY/CT Regional Partner, Tina Campbell, “Our team of entrepreneurs will bring back what they learned and share it with the over 300 members in our local chapters.”

Opportunities were provided to network with other professionals from all walks of life.  “I have found a common character trait in Master Network members, they all are eager to help people,” explains Maggie Carey of Master It Media LLC, “Whether they are helping their customers, another member, or the community. Master Networks is establishing a unique culture built on relationships and value.”

In addition, keynote speakers are Setema Gali, Jr., Carrie Wilkerson, Chris Natzke, and Master Networks CEO, Chas Wilson provided valuable insights and inspiration to help business leaders establish focused goals and plans.

“We are LOCAL businesses, because there is nothing SMALL about what you do,” explained Master Networks CEO, Chas Wilson, “Master Networks helps local businesses build a network community and support the economy. We are each building a legacy beyond the business.”

For more information about Master Networks, contact Tina Campbell at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit www.MasterNetworksNYCT.com.


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