Festive Fitness Tips from Club Fit

During the festive — and often hectic — holiday season, it can be difficult to balance fun with fitness. No guilt necessary! Enjoy this special time — all things in moderation. Just remember to take time to rest and recharge. Make sure to take care of YOU. We’ve gathered some practical tips from our trainers to help you stay fit while being festive. 

Personal Trainer Merrick Larson advises using the “10-minute” rule: “If you get a craving for something sweet, wait 10 minutes before eating it. Chances are, that craving will pass and you won't even want it anymore! BUT, if the 10 minutes go by and you still realllllyyy want that treat, then go ahead and enjoy it! These are all habits of a healthy relationship with food, and the holidays are a great time to put these habits into practice.”

Hospitality Supervisor Irene Sakamoto adds, “Don’t let the holidays turn you upside down! Remember that exercise and proper nutrition are not something we do periodically; rather, these are lifestyle choices that we renew every day!”

Trainer Tyler Hamberg suggests finding different ways to enjoy holiday camaraderie: "The holidays are a time for food, friends and family, so why not train with a friend, too? Then, when it is time to sit back and enjoy a meal together, try making your dishes homemade to avoid eating processed foods, which can be full of excess salt and sugar. It may take extra time, but the friendly company makes it something to look forward to!”

Personal Trainer Kristine Tanner notes planning can be key: “When it comes to getting in a workout, try to schedule and plan them ahead of time.” And take some time out for fun! "This is a happy and fun time of year, so remember to always relax and make time to HANG with family and friends!”

 “Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed,” Personal Trainer Stevie Levandoski recommends. “No one likes that sluggish, stuffed feeling after any meal. Take your time and enjoy your food, eat slowly, and check your fullness levels while you’re eating. Remember, there are always leftovers!"

Group Fitness Coordinator Raffaella Stuart knows cultivating good habits all year makes it easier to maintain them during the holiday season. “I like to start every day off with a healthy morning routine, consisting of drinking lots of water, exercising (even if it’s for 20 minutes) and eating a healthy breakfast. That sets a healthy tone for whatever the day brings!”

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