School's Out/Art's In at the Katonah Museum of Art

Looking for somewhere to go during the holiday break and the cold winter days? Stop by for the Museum's School’s Out/Art's In sessions for creative, colorful and inspirational art projects. It's a wonderful way to for everyone to explore their inner artist. Bonus: Join as a member and all activities are free!
Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Drop-in
Upcoming sessions:
Tuesday, December 24: Abstract Monoprinting
Freely express your creative impulses using paint on plexiglass and see it printed through a mini printing press.
Thursday, December 26: Geometric Sculptures
Construct your own abstract sculpture using geometric pieces inspired by the works of Day Schnabel and Ronald Bladen.
Friday, December 27: Large-scale Painting
Learn about complementary colors, tints and shades as we paint large gestural artworks in the style of Abstract Expressionist artist Lee Krasner.
Tuesday, December 31: Sculptural Lines
Create a three-dimensional line sculpture using wires and other materials that bend, twist and curve.
Thursday, January 2: Abstract Nature Scrolls
Combine natural materials with fun watercolor techniques to create colorful expressive paintings inspired by the scroll paintings of Rotem Reshef.
Friday, January 3: More Than Meets the Eye
When looking at an abstract painting, it may appear messy and disorganized. However, there are many artistic choices along the way. Learn how to use color, line and shape to create balance, pattern and movement in your own abstract work of art.
Free to members, non-member children and adults $10 each.
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