John C. Hart Library answere yourquestions regarding late fees on returned books

Returned Items Take A Few Days to Be Cleared From Your Record


I've returned my items, why am I getting a message that says they are "overdue"? 

Why are you getting this message you wonder? The simple answer is that for safety reasons our check-in procedures have changed and now take longer.

After you return your items back to us, they are not handled for 72 hours and remain on your card. During that time, you will continue to receive a message from us that says, "your items are overdue." But don't worry....we know you returned them and we will be forgiving any fines incurred back to the date you originally returned them. 

So relax...those messages are for your safety and ours! Go ahead and put another item on hold.

The library has added the following message to their web site as well. yorktownlibrary.org:

Please note that for the safety of the staff and our patrons, all items returned to the Library and Town Hall book drops are held for at least 72 Hours before they are handled.

Items returned may take up to a week to be removed from your card. All items will be checked in to the date they were returned and no fines will incur during the wait time.

Please wait until at least one week after you have returned the items to contact the library if you still see it on your record.




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