Hilltop Hanover on-line ordering now open

Online ordering is open for the week
Over the next few weeks, we will gradually be adding new crops and larger quantities of produce to our online store. But we understand that many of you are still having a hard time getting orders in. To make sure your order went through, check your email for an order confirmation. It will have an order # and receipt of your purchase. This is very helpful if we cannot find your order! If you did not get an email confirmation within a few minutes of your purchase (check your junk/spam folders), your order DID NOT go through and you should try again. We are working on this issue with our online store provider. 
Rest assured, that after a cold, slow spring, an abundance of summer produce is on the way and there will be plenty of opportunity to get lots of fresh veggies! We hope you had a chance to learn more about our crop planning and harvest projections in our last newsletter, and please refer to Hilltop Hanover Farm's Harvest Calendar to get a general idea of when you can expect to find all the different crops in our farm stand.


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