NY's Path Through History: US Presidents

Six New Yorkers have become President of the United States, including the nation's youngest (Theodore Roosevelt) and longest-serving (Franklin D. Roosevelt). New York is the final resting place for six presidents. Add to this the number of presidential historic moments and accomplishments that happened within our borders, and visitors have the opportunity to experience presidential history here like nowhere else.

At the Martin Van Buren Historic site in Kinderhook, NY, known as Lindenwald, it was the home and farm of the founder of the Democratic Party and the eighth president of the United States. The mansion is also where Van Buren managed two presidential campaigns and entertained politicians and celebrities during the turbulent 1840s and 1850s.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site in Hyde Park, you can Experience the Roosevelt presidency, from the Great Depression through the New Deal years and World War II, emphasizing Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s relationship with the American people. Special interactive, immersive audio-visual theaters, and rarely seen artifacts bring a New Deal to a New Generation. State-of-the-art exhibits tell of FDR's heroic struggle to regain his strength and political career after polio.

General George Washington established his Newburgh headquarters at Jonathan and Tryntje Hasbrouck's fieldstone farmhouse from 1782 to 1783, issuing an order for a "cessation of hostilities" from the house. Washington spent more time there than any other place during the Revolution and made some of his most important contributions to shaping the American republic during those critical months, including rejecting the idea that he should be king, preventing military control of the government, creating the Badge of Military Merit (now the Purple Heart), and writing key principles for the Constitution. Visitors can tour the rooms where history was made in the critical months of the American Revolution, see Washington's office in the farmhouse, and visit the museum across the lawn.

There are many other Presidential Historic sites in NY state. Click here to view them.


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