Green Chimneys Welcomes Camel Named Bunni

Bunni is a 9-year-old male Arabian camel, also known as a dromedary – the breed characterized by one hump – and his name (pronounced boo-knee) is Arabic for “brown.” Bunni joins Bactrian camels Sage and Phoenix, who have been at Green Chimneys since 2012. The pair has been cautiously curious but the three camels are now sharing a paddock and getting accustomed to each other.

Bunni was accompanied by Doug Baum, who is recognized as one of the top camel trainers in the United States. He is also proprietor of Texas Camel Corps, a camel trekking business that does guided tours of the Chihuahuan Desert and also offers educational camel demonstrations for museums, schools and community groups. His heartfelt concern for the welfare of his animals is what brought Bunni to Green Chimneys.

Having some special needs of his own, Bunni is a perfect addition to Green Chimneys. He has a genetic condition known as sunken fetlocks, which means his ankle joints are hyperextended, preventing him from be ridden or performing other weight-bearing activities. In recent months, Doug noticed that Bunni was having increasing difficulty within his herd. It was determined that moving Bunni to a smaller herd where he’d have extra attention and care from humans, would suit him well. It’s a most relatable story for the children who attend Green Chimneys, many of whom have experienced difficulty fitting in or feeling safe and supported. And, of course, living with a significant challenge.

The students and staff of Green Chimneys are simply thrilled to have a third camel on campus and all look forward to the learning opportunities and enjoyment to come. Welcome Bunni!



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