Harckham asks for public comment on the proposed NYSE&G rate hike

New York State Electric & Gas has asked the State Public Service Commission to approve  20% rate hike in electric rates and a 3% gas rate hike. 

New York State Senator Pete Harckham (D-40th Senate District) opposes these hikes and is asking the public to send him an email opposing them as well. The Senator will take all the emails he receives and forward them to the NY State Public Service Comission for their consideration. On Tuesday September 10th, the Senator posted on his facebook page the following message:

Please join me in opposing the NYSEG rate hike!

NYSEG is requesting a rate hike of 20.4% for electricity and 3% for gas from the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC).

Senate District 40 residents who have NYSEG as their energy provider suffer from frequent power outages during major and even minor weather events because NYSEG has been woefully unprepared. Yet NYSEG is asking for a huge rate increase! It’s totally undeserved and I will fight against this.

Help me fight this proposed rate increase by emailing me your comments by September 30th to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I will bundle them and send them to the PSC.

Please write in the Subject line of your email, “NYSEG Rate Increase.”

As per the NY State public Service Commission web page, the next scheduled hearing regarding the proposed rate increase is September 20th.


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