Yorktown Planning Board Work Session Monday, February 11

Planning Board Work Session Monday, February 11, 2019 - 7:00pm

Correspondence/Liaison Reports
Meeting Minutes – January 28, 2019


Lowe's Home Center
SBL: 26.18-1-17, 18, 19, 26.19-1-1, & 26.18-1-28
Discussion – Certificate of Occupancy

Location: 3200 Old Crompond Road Contact: Michael Grace, Esq.
Description: Approved amended site plan and 5-lot subdivision for Lowe's Home Center, two adjacent restaurant building pads, and a bank building pad on the former Costco Wholesale Club site.

Brookside Village Subdivision – Lot #1
SBL: 37.10-2-77
Discussion - Approved Subdivision

Location: 274 Landmark Court
Contact: Sharon Kamhi, Esq.
Description: Approved Subdivision by Planning Board Resolution #85-20, dated October 17, 1985, and approved Wetland and Stormwater Permit by Planning Board Resolution #15-17, dated November 9, 2015, the Applicant proposes the house on Lot #1 of the approved subdivision to change in orientation.

Fiore Subdivision
SBL: 26.15-1-69
Discussion – Minor Subdivision

Location: 2797 Carr Court Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed 2-lot subdivision in the R1-20 zone, where one residence currently exists.

Mohegan Audi Addition
SBL: 15.16-1-45
Discussion – Approved Site Plan

Location: 1791 East Main Street Contact: Site Design Consusltants
Description: Approved site plan by Planning Board Resolution #18-14, dated September 17, 2018.

Town Board Referral – The Roma Building
SBL: 37.14-2-33
Discussion – Parking Plan

Location: 2040 Crompond Road
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed underground and above parking to construct a mixed use building to include 9,300 sf of first floor commercial space and 42 residential units.




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