Planning Board Televised Meeting

Planning Board Televised Meeting

Monday, December 6, 2021 - 7:00pm

Meeting Minutes – November 22, 2021


Arcadia Farm Solar Farm
Decision Statement

Location: 47.11-1-4; 1300 Baptist Church Road
Contact: Croton Energy Group
Description: Proposed 800 kW ground mounted large-scale solar energy system disturbing approximately 6 acres of a 28.85 acre horse farm in the R1-80 zone.

Yorktown Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Solar Projects
Public Informational Hearing

Location: 35.12-1-3; 2300 Catherine Street
Contact: Ecogy New York
Description: Proposed installation of a 698 kW DC/467 kW AC solar canopy system over existing parking with a 548 kWh Tier 1 Battery Energy Storage System and installation of a a 284 kW DC/260 kW AC ground mounted solar array on a 12.84 acre parcel in the RSP-3 zone with existing skilled nursing facility.

C3 Holdings LLC fka Generations Building
Public Informational Hearing

Location: 48.11-1-51; 1500 Front Street
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed two-story 3,600 SF building to be used as a 3-bay parking garage on the first floor, material storage on the second floor for one of the existing businesses within the building. This site plan was previously approved by Planning Board Resolution #09-08 on March 9, 2009.

Old Hill Farm Solar Farm
Public Informational Hearing

Location: 16.08-1-4 & 17; 571 East Main Street, Jefferson Valley
Contact: Hillside Solar LLC
Description: Proposed 3.75 MW ground mounted solar panels disturbing 15 acres on a 19.4 acres in the R1-20 zone.

Foothill Street Solar
Adjourned Public Hearing

Location: 15.07-1-5; 3849 Foothill Street
Contact: Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, Inc.
Description: Proposed installation of a 1.875 MW ground mounted solar panel system and Tier 2 battery energy storage system along with associated access road, electric utility upgrades, and perimeter fencing.

Par 3 Golf Course
Discussion Site Plan

Location: 16.07-1-38; 795 Route 6
Contact: James Martorano Jr.
Description: Proposed Par 3 golf course on Town owned Parkland.


Boniello Equities Subdivision
Discussion Subdivision

Location: 37.09-1-67, 70, 71; 2012-2016 Crompond Road
Contact: Gus Boniello
Description: Proposed resubdivision of three lots to create 4 lots and construct two new two-family residences.

Town Board Referral

Location: 70.10-1-36; 356 Jaclyn Lane
Contact: Kellard Sessions Consulting
Description: Proposed construction of a single-family house on well and septic.

Mongero Properties
Discussion Approved Site Plan

Location: 37.14-1-44; Saw Mill River Road
Contact: Michael Grace, Esq.
Description: Request to remove the required traffic improvements from the approved site plan approved by Resolution #09-28 on November 9, 2009.

Proposed Overlay Districts
Board Discussion


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