Yorktown Planning Board Meeting Agenda for May 23, 2022

Yorktown Planning Board Televised Meeting

Monday, May 23, 2022 - 7:00pm

Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2022


Shrub Oak International School
Public Hearing
Location: 26.05-1-4; 3151 Stony Street
Contact: DTS Provident Design Engineering
Description: Proposed amendments to the approved Phase II site improvements.

Pied Piper Preschool
Public Hearing

Location: 37.14-2-8; 2090 Crompond Road
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed modification to a row of parking to accommodate existing play area.

Dorchester Glen Subdivision
Public Informational Hearing

Location: 15.20-3-6; 1643 Maxwell Drive
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed 4 lot subdivision on 24.26 acres in the R1-20 zone.


Lakeview Estates Lot 6
Discussion Site Plan

Location: 47.11-1-15; 1102 Gambelli Drive
Contact: TJ Engineering, LLC
Description: Proposed residence on the last subdivision lot in the Lakeview Estates subdivision.

Arrowhead Subdivision Lot 6.4
Discussion Site Plan
Location: 48.13-1-6.4; 821 Shiqer Gashi Court
Contact: Taylor Palmer, Esq., Cuddy & Feder
Description: Proposed site plan for lot 6.4 in the Arrowhead Subdivision.

Rob’s Poultry Supply Store
Discussion New Use in Existing Shopping Center

Location: 37.14-1-46; 2023 Crompond Road
Contact: Acme Realty
Description: Proposed poultry supply store in existing store front.

2040 Greenwood Street
Discussion Dumpster Enclosure

Location: 37.15-1-38; 2040 Greenwood Street
Contact: Rick Cipriani
Description: Applicant proposes a fence across the driveway to screen the larger dumpster that is in use instead of constructing the dumpster enclosure shown on the approved site plan.

Burger King
Discussion Site Plan

Location: 37.18-2-57; 385 Downing Drive
Contact: Michael Grace, Esq.
Description: Proposed second ordering line for drive-thru and restriping of parking adjacent to the new drive-thru lane.

Wendy’s at Staples Plaza
Discussion Site Plan

Location: 27.14-1-45; 3399 Crompond Road
Contact: Urstadt Biddle
Description: Proposed renovation of the Dunkin Donuts building for a Wendy’s Restaurant.

Yorktown Rehab & Nursing Center Solar Projects
Discussion Site Plan & Special Use Permits

Location: 35.12-1-3; 2300 Catherine Street
Contact: Ecogy New York
Description: Proposed installation of a 698 kW DC/467 kW AC solar canopy system over existing parking with a 548 kWh Tier 1 Battery Energy Storage System and installation of a 284 kW DC/260 kW AC ground mounted solar array on a 12.84 acre parcel in the RSP-3 zone with existing skilled nursing facility.

Underhill Farm
Discussion Wetland & Fiscal Assessments

Location: 48.06-1-30; 370 Underhill Avenue
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed mixed use development of 148 residential units, 11,000 SF retail, and recreational amenities. Original main structure to remain and to be used for a mix of uses. Development is proposed on a 13.78 acre parcel in the R1-40 with Planned Design District Overlay Zone authorization from the Town Board.

Meeting Information

Town Hall Board Room and on Optimum Channel 20 & FiOS Channel 33
363 Underhill Avenue


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