In Need of Help NOW: Pets Alive Westchester

Have you been thinking about adopting or fostering a pet?  Now may be the perfect time to act.  Add a family member and help Pets Alive Westchester during this transitional time.

*From Pets Alive Westchester's Facebook page:
This is a very difficult thing to say to all of you, but our building may potentially be in serious jeopardy. It has been determined that Pets Alive Westchester is structurally not sound and needs to evacuate as soon as possible. There is no way around these horrible words.

Our plan is to set up trailers on the property to house all of the animals, and we are in desperate need of foster families and adopters for our dogs, cats and rabbits. Although this is going to be a difficult time, we know we shall get through this. We will set up shop right on the property, trailers will be brought in as soon as possible. Dog runs will be there. Some of our cats thankfully will go to the rescues of our sister location in Middletown as well as Mid Hudson Animal Aid & Pibbles and Kits, such amazing people who have done so much to help us through this - but we would much rather see them in foster homes or adopted.

All of our dogs, however, are in need of foster or adoptive homes and we are pleading to all of you to consider taking one of them in. All adoptions are free and are desperately needed, immediately. Please come to the shelter this weekend and adopt. If you're interested in adopting or fostering a cat, dog or rabbit, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out who will be the best fit for your home during this time. Please use email to contact us right now as we are not sure how long we will have access to our phones. We will keep you updated as the days progress. One thing you can be certain of is that Pets Alive Westchester is a survivor of all that it has endured and been though. We will get through this and together we will celebrate a new page. Thank you for all your support and help us to spread the word. We need adopters, we need fosters, and we need them now. We need YOU now. We need your help.

Current needs: donations of dog and cat carriers and crates, no soft-side. Please bring them to the shelter if you can. Thank you!

We have a donate link if you would like to contribute - our expenses are likely to be massive. Please donate if you can. Note that donations will be handled by Pets Alive Middletown as our access to bank accounts will be limited - but the money will go directly to us.


**UPDATE 3/14/14 6:20 pm: 

Pets Alive Westchester:
All animals are safe.

The remaining dogs will be going to Northwind Kennels. We will be updating when we figure out how to make them available for foster/adoption - we're struggling to cope without most of our communications. We will let you know when we're ready to do that! They are all safe and cared for.

Our cats have mostly gone to Pets Alive and Mid Hudson Animal Aid. Please contact them for information on fostering and adopting.

All of our bunnies were fostered or adopted by the public.



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