Love is for the Birds with Bedford Audubon Society tomorrow at Katonah Library

Please join Katonah Village Library for a Bedford Audubon Society talk on Love is for the Birds: Reproductive Strategies & More with Dr. Alan Clark tomorrow, Wednesday, February 14 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Library.

Birds have an astonishing variety of approaches to dating – almost every mating system known in the animal kingdom can be found in one or more species of birds. Harems? Yes. Polyamory? Sure. Monogamy? Sometimes. And the desire to be attractive to a potential mate has resulted in bird plumage of astonishing brilliance and beauty.

This event is free.

Katonah Village Library is located at 26 Bedford Road. 

Learn more about this program on the Bedford Audubon Society website here.


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