Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance Partners with The interfaith Somers Holocaust Memorial Commission for Evening of Remembrance

For many years, passersby have paused to watch dancers on pointe artfully dressing the large picturesque windows on Main Street, home to the nonprofit dance studio, Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance (RCD).  

Did you know? Beyond the ballet and tap shoes, is a nonprofit dance studio committed to engaging in ongoing projects which foster the development of passionate, thinking artists. 

“Many of our dancers are committed to issues like social justice, and this allows for us to creatively express and inspire the community,” explains RCD Executive Director Amy  Piantaggini.

On April 28, Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance will once again partner with The interfaith Somers Holocaust Memorial Commission (SHMC) to bring their important mission to life through dance during the organization’s Evening of Remembrance”. 

“We are honored to present thematic work about human rights, especially for this organization, which since 1993 has been educating the community about the Holocaust and other genocides, and to include an array of artistic expressions in the annual Day of Remembrance service,”  says Piantaggini.

Steven Waldinger who serves on both the RCD and SHMC board is thrilled with the collaboration. “The beauty of RCD’s expressive dance performances enables our audiences – people of all ages - to share in a connection with the dancers.  We believe that the dancers’ understanding of the pain and sorrow of tragic events, as expressed through dance inspires hope that such horrors will not be repeated.” 

The event will take place at Somers High School and admission is free. 

Waldinger says, “RCD’s collaboration with the Somers Holocaust Memorial Commission over the last several years is so important to our mission of educating high school age students about the holocaust and human rights issues. Students, like people of all ages, are often able to best express the emotion of such heartfelt issues through various forms of artistic expression.”

The Somers Holocaust Memorial Commission was founded with the goal of educating our children to never forget the horrors of the Holocaust and other genocide, and to promote the teaching of Human Rights in our schools.

The Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dance school, is nationally recognized as a “distinguished, high achieving, pre-professional performing arts school” that “nurtures young dance artists in strong movement technique.” We are dedicated to educating and encouraging students to become knowledgeable, passionate, thinking artists.

Visit ridgefielddance.org to learn more.



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