Aldrich Exhibiting Artist Featured in Today's New York Times

Karla Knight in The New York Times

The Aldrich just announced that an interview between one of their exhibiting artists Karla Knight and Karen Rosenberg was published in today's issue of The New York Times. 

Karla Knight: Navigator is on view at The Aldrich through May 8, 2022. Advance ticket reservations are recommended and face masks are required. Purchase tickets here. 

Karla Knight: Navigator is curated by Senior Curator Amy Smith-Stewart. 

Pre-order the catalogue here. Ships April 2022.

“I don’t call myself a healer or medium, although I do think some of what I do is channeled — I think any good artist or writer or musician is a channeler. With the imaginary language I invented, for instance, I don’t know that it means anything. It may be complete gibberish. I do feel like I’m a bridge between worlds — that has always felt like my earthly job. But what that actually means, and what the other world is, I would never presume to say.” - Karla Knight

Read the complete article here.


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