Erin O'Shea named Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Facilities

Westchester County Executive George Latimer has appointed Erin O’Shea as Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Facilities (DEF).

Under Commissioner Vincent Kopicki, O’Shea is responsible for overseeing policy, budget and administration for the Department. DEF provides a number of essential services to Westchester County residents, including keeping our sewer district and refuse district running smoothly, and ensuring that our drinking water is clean and safe. Latimer is extremely proud of Westchester County’s diverse workforce – especially those who are women working in leadership positions in County government.

Please watch this video about Deputy Commissioner Erin O’Shea,

our next video in the Women in Government Video Series.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “DEF provides a great number of services that people don’t necessarily think about every day, but that are crucial to keep the County running smoothly. Every time you flush your toilet or your garbage is picked up, or you put an Amazon box out for recycling, DEF is there behind the scenes. I want to thank our incredible employees at the Department for their continued hard work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and for always searching for new ways to modernize our County facilities to provide a green future for us all.”

O’Shea said: “Taking care of our planet and our world is just so important because we are passing it on to future generations. We are always looking for new environmental initiatives to take on. We are just trying to treat our planet better and our environment in a more conscious way so we can sustain it going forward.”



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