Prospector spreads its mission through local partnerships: spotlight on J. Mulvaney Plumbing and Heating

Spirit, Strength, & Sparkle - J. Mulvaney Plumbing and Heating

Take a walk on Prospect Street and you’ll pass by the Prospector Theater. When you do, pause for a moment to find the “Brick Walkway'' right below the 1930s-inspired front facade. Among hundreds of bricks, you will notice dozens of local Ridgefield businesses are represented.

The Prospector's success and sparkle are boosted through the community support they receive from donations, grants, and sponsorships. By collaborating with businesses through their sponsorship program, the Prospector shares its mission and model with more employers, allowing them to see how sparkle can benefit their bottom line.

One local Ridgefield business has supported the Prospector from the beginning, deeply believing in its mission and goals. 

J. Mulvaney Plumbing and Heating signed on as a Prospector sponsor when the Theater opened in 2014. Both Prospector and Mulvaney provide exceptional services to Ridgefield and the surrounding community, and together they’ve combined to form a collaborative partnership that betters both businesses.

“Our mission of competitive and integrated employment is possible because of the support of our community,” says James Mase, the Director of Community & Corporate Engagement. “J. Mulvaney has fully supported our mission and sparkle from the beginning and their sponsorship is the perfect example of the success of the program.”

With thousands of weekly moviegoers flocking to Prospect Street for the latest blockbuster, the 25,000-square-foot facility relies on efficient systems and regular maintenance. For any plumbing and heating need, the Prospector taps J. Mulvaney Plumbing and Heating to quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix the problem.

And as a sponsor, J. Mulvaney receives in-Theater signage, pre-show recognition, social media collaborations, and other sparkling surprises. These marketing tools help to promote J. Mulvaney’s industry-leading knowledge and service, demonstrated through work performed for the Prospector Theater. 

When you find the J. Mulvaney brick outside the Theater, you’ll notice they chose a simple message to engrave: “Spirit, Strength, Sparkle!”.

Joe and Joann Mulvaney - pillars of the Ridgefield community - love being a part of the Prospector's success and the value the Theater has added to the community. Joe says, “working with the Prospector Theater and getting to know many of the Prospects has been a very rewarding experience. Ridgefield is fortunate to have this business and its wonderful employees - you all are the sparkly gems of our town!”

With the mission in mind, J. Mulvaney has supported the jobs of hundreds of Prospects, who in return, use their sparkle to create magical moviegoing experiences for Ridgefield residents. Two organizations, coming together, pushing the community further in 2023. Just wait and see what they have planned for the April 7th release of the Super Mario Bros. Movie…

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities at the Prospector, email James Mase at

Submitted by Lewisboro, NY

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