Fans of GKR: A Force For Social Media Good

When Ridgefield resident Lynn Cohen asked her charity driven Facebook Page, Fans of GKR, to give - they come through with a vengeance. “I have never seen anything like it in my life," says, Cohen. “I am truly amazed and blessed to have found this platform to do what I do best -  give and give of myself.”

Lynn is married to NY Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen. She sees is as the Fans of GKR page as a platform to simply do good things. "And yes, there is some baseball talk!" she says.

This year for the holidays, Lynn wanted to do something a little different. "I asked for the talented knitters and crocheters to come out and donate blankets for those in need." Viola! "It grew to scarves and gloves. It evolved into hats and socks…. soon because people just wanted to be a part of it, I started receiving NY Mets themed everything!" Lynn says. Yes, everything:  toothbrushes, sunglasses, books, games. "As in typical Fans of GKR style, it grew to gift cards and dinners and caring for those in need in any way possible," she says.

Lynn says that more than 75 people donated in one form or fashion. “Thanksgiving was not in my dining room this year because couldn't find my table under all the boxes!" she remarks.

Lynn will donate all of the items to the Women's Center. "The boxes are filled with items one would need and gifts kids would want," she says.

And this philanthropic Ridgefielder gets personal, "As someone who once could have used a shelter for safety, I know that receiving some brand new things to replace the tarnished old ones, is essential for one's emotional movement forward. I  pray someone finds some hope in one of these boxes."

Educated as a social worker, Lynn’s passion and drive have always been to find a way and to fix problems. “I don’t know, people’s problems have a way of finding me. Strangers come to me with what seems insurmountable issues, but somehow I am able to help break it all down and take care of things bit by bit, piece by piece. Sometimes it’s an ear, sometimes it's a direction and sometimes it’s a warm blanket," she says.

This year alone, Fans of GKR Facebook page raised enough money for one of their members to purchase a new motorized wheelchair. In addition, the group has saved a family from being homeless and give a gentleman some much-needed funds to get him back on his feet again after he was let go from his job. Cohen says the friendships and camaraderie are, in itself, a gift for many. "Many people who have lost loved ones and have no one left call this their family- and they mean it," Lynn remarks.

Visit the Fans of GKR Facebook Page to learn more about this social media family that has changed lives.