This Week On the Children's Shelf: The Power of Hope in “The Magician’s Elephant”

I picked up a copy of Kate DiCamillo’s “The Magician’s Elephant” when it was first released but somehow missed reading it until now. My delay in reading is no reflection on the story and simply that of “to be read” pile growing out of control as Kate DiCamillo is definitely one of my favorite children’s authors.

“The Magician’s Elephant” is the story of hope when things seem hopeless. A fortune teller's tent appears in the middle of town and a young orphan, Peter Augustus Duchene, knows he must ask the one question that plaques him….is his sister still alive? He was told his sister died at birth by the soldier who took him after his parent’s deaths, but he believes she might be alive. The fortune teller gives him a nearly impossible-to-believe answer…she is alive, follow the elephant.

While there are no elephants here, this answer might destroy all hope, but Peter waits and as luck would have it, a magician uses his spell to drop an elephant on the stage instead of flowers. Obviously, Peter believes this is a sign and knows he needs to get to that elephant to find his sister.

It isn’t easy getting to an elephant, but Peter is determined and even more determined to have the elephant lead him to his sister. Nothing is truly hopeless until one gives up all hope…Peter never does. He truly believes the elephant will help him find his sister. Check out this sweet story to see if Peter finds his sister and how an elephant can possibly change his entire life. Once you read it, check the sweet adaptation on Netflix!

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